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  • Overview

    Coffee Production & Inventory Management System. Exclusively designed for Macehat Coffee.

  • Master Data Management
    • Support various categories (e.g. Merah, Sam-Sam, B.S., Luwak, etc).
    • Support various products (e.g. Cherry Merah, Gabah Basah Sam-Sam, Greenbean B.S., etc).
    • Support multiple process stages (e.g. Kupas Kulit+Fermentation, Pengeringan Oven, Hulling, etc).
    • Support category process creation (Assigning processing stages per category) eg:
      Untuk Category Merah:
      1. Kupas Kulit+Fermentation
      2. Pengeringan Oven
      3. Hulling
      4. Sorting 1
      Untuk Category Gabah:
      1. Pengeringan Oven
      2. Hulling
      3. Sorting 1
      4. Ayak
      5. Sorting 2
    • Support category process products input & output (allowable input products for each of the category process and the corresponding resulting products from the process).
  • Production (Process) Management
    • Dynamic process stages can be defined for each category.
    • Limit input / output products according to those define in master data.
    • Estimate output quantity based on input products.
    • Warning for output quantity below tolerance percentage.
  • Inventory Management
    • View stock (allow batching).
    • Suppot Inventory movement (add and substract stock).
  • Report Management
    • View real stock of sellable products (chart).
    • View projection stock of sellable products (chart).
    • Show tree view for tracing source input from selected product.
  • Authentication & Authorization
    • Manage Authentication (Login & Log off).
    • Manage Access Level and User Authorization (User / Administrator).
    • Each user change their password.
  • Mobile & Web Friendly
    • Simple user interface.
    • Minimal user input.
    • Enforce input validation.
    • Allow data visualization using charting.
    • Responsive design for mobile and web browser.
  • Technology

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